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  • Martindale Hall

    Martindale Hall

    Nestled in the picturesque Clare Valley region, Martindale Hall stands as a testament to South Australia’s rich history and architectural grandeur. Established by the Bowman family as a sheep property, this Georgian-styled mansion was constructed in 1879 by Edmund Bowman. Despite its luxurious design, the hall’s initial splendour was marred by financial difficulties, leading to…

  • Flinders Uni: Archaeology & Community Heritage Week

    Flinders Uni: Archaeology & Community Heritage Week

    We want to hear your stories about the Hall, its inhabitants and the people who kept it running. Bring your memories, objects, stories and photographs! Martindale Hall Archaeology & Community Heritage Week offers an exciting opportunity to be involved in the history and heritage of the magnificent Martindale Hall at Mintaro, South Australia. Come and…